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Reasons Why You Need to Wear a Protective Helmet


If you wear a qualified helmet when riding a scooter/motorcycle, it can protect your brain from damage. Let's start with the structure of the human skull: The human head is composed of a hard skull and soft cranial contents, and the cranial contents refer to brain tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrovascular, etc. The skull that forms the cranial cavity due to the lack of elasticity, is very vulnerable to damage under the impact of external force, and the degree of damage is proportional to the magnitude of the external force. The buffer coefficient of cranial contents is only about 10%, and it is basically impossible to repair once damaged.

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The helmet consists of a shell, buffer layer, pad, wearing the device, and accessories. The shell is made of a material that is tough and can absorb a certain amount of impact energy, which can directly resist the impact of external forces on the brain. Compared with the shell, the buffer layer can absorb more impact energy and has the sufficient performance of buffering mechanical impact.

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In the event of a traffic accident, if you wear a helmet, the tough helmet shell can first directly resist the impact of external forces on the head, and relieve the instantaneous impact force. The relief layer in the helmet can further slow down the strength and speed of the external force acting on the head, and at the same time can disperse the force, thereby eliminating the damage to the brain caused by the external force.

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