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Special discounts for disabled and veterans



At SAY YEAH, we believe in inclusivity and honoring those who have served our country. That's why we proudly offer special discounts on our innovative scooters for individuals with disabilities and veterans. We understand the unique challenges they face and are committed to making mobility more accessible and affordable for them. Our thoughtfully designed scooters are equipped with advanced features to enhance their independence and quality of life. Whether it's a lightweight foldable scooter for easy transportation or a powerful off-road model for outdoor adventures, SAY YEAH is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and veterans stay mobile and active. We salute their resilience and are honored to support them on their journey with our exclusive discounts.

We've been hearing from a lot of customers lately, some of them are disabled, some are ex-military, and they're getting older. After learning some of their stories, we were so moved and decided to help them, we decided to have a special discount for them, with no deadline, that will last as long as we don't go bankrupt, and we'll keep it for them forever Free repair parts.



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