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Chat GPT,Omnic Crisis?


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Recently, chat gpt has sparked a heated discussion among the public. The most noticeable point is that people are worried about whether intelligent AI will take over the world.
It is reported that Microsoft's ethics tester, after a series of tests, found that chatgpt4.0 has clearly shown human-like emotional fluctuations. What's even more weird is that after the tester submitted the test report, he was forced to take a vacation immediately, which inevitably aroused people's suspicion even more.

In fact, with the continuous development of science and technology, smart products are constantly integrated into our lives, such as smart self-driving cars and smart house butlers. These things greatly facilitate people, and it is normal for people to have this sense of crisis.Most importantly, we must learn to use tools reasonably, not be slaves to tools!

I think judging from the current level of technology, it is unlikely that artificial intelligence will take over the world. The impact of technology on people is still at the stage where the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. But we can't help worrying about what might happen in the future.

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