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The Impact of AI on Humans


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Today, we continue to talk about artificial intelligence. Regarding artificial intelligence, most people have relatively little contact with it, which is a relatively advanced technology. More common ones, such as Siri, our mobile phone assistant. He can understand some of our words and respond.

There are also intelligent driving systems such as cars, intelligent obstacle avoidance functions, and people can turn on the automatic driving function when driving is tired. In addition, at night or in environments with unclear vision such as heavy fog, the intelligent obstacle avoidance function can easily avoid obstacles and avoid unnecessary dangers.

So far, the impact of artificial intelligence on human beings is still more than good. However, with the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence can do more and more things. Slowly, some people's jobs are replaced by machines, resulting in a decline in the employment rate. Because the error rate of machines is extremely low, some entrepreneurs prefer to use them. Intelligent production line.

Recently, with the wide application of chatgpt, a series of workers engaged in relatively basic software development work, as well as UI designers, have been deeply affected. I think that in the near future, some low-tech jobs will be It will be replaced by the gradual cup machine, which we have to pay attention to.

Which positions do you think are more likely to be replaced by AI? You can leave a message in the mailbox and communicate with each other.

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