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Some judgments about the current economic situation.


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In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the economic development of various countries has sluggish, which has had a great impact on people's lives. Due to the loose monetary policy of the United States during the epidemic, the economies of all countries have been under relatively large pressure, both It is a great test for the governments of all countries to ensure the stability of the national currency and the basic living security and welfare of the domestic people.

The series of effects caused by economic pressure are very bad.
First of all, enterprises are affected. Under the dual support of war and epidemic, many companies’ stock prices continued to fall. Unable to do so, companies have started layoffs one after another. The development of enterprises has been hindered, and the economic environment has fallen into a cycle of bad situations.

The impact on us personally may lie more in the increase in the cost of living and the increase in the price of some necessities.
Normally, the effects of an economic crisis last about five years. As the general public, what means can we prevent our property from shrinking? The author didn't think of many ways, buying gold is one way, I really can't think of others.
The economic crisis needs to be resolved slowly. When the world security situation gradually stabilizes and people's confidence in the economic market gradually increases, the economic crisis will naturally resolve itself.

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